Author: Vincent Jacobs

A Guide to Gas Fireplaces: Everything You Need to Know in Order to Pick the Best One

If you are looking to improve your heating efficiency or add ambiance to a room by installing a gas fireplace, there are some things that you should take into consideration when making your choice; local codes and permits required, vent type, fuel type, style, efficiency, maintenance, and installation. Gas fireplaces offer the look and appeal […]

Meeting in The Middle: How to Pick Kids’ Bedroom Furniture That You AND Your Child Will Love

Furniture in your children’s room can be a challenge. Either you like and they don’t, or they outgrow it so fast that neither of you enjoy it! In recent years furniture manufacturers have put more marketing and production effort into kid’s room furniture. From nursery furniture to teenagers, their furniture can be unique and appeal […]

Bedroom Basics: How to Choose the Perfect Headboard to Complement Your Bedroom Decor

A headboard is literally a board that goes at the head of a bed. One of their primary purposes is to aid in focusing attention on the bed as a design element as well as helping to visually integrate the bed with the rest of the room. If a bed were a fireplace, the headboard would be […]

So You’ve Moved, and Need to Decorate: What to Look For in a Great Upholsterer

One of the most exciting parts of purchasing a new home is the prospect of decorating it. Unfortunately, finding a great upholsterer is harder than you might think. Some pieces you can upholster yourself, but for the most part, your furniture will require a professional. So many things can go wrong. When you hand over […]